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NOTE tokens are interchangeable with other Passport Schemes around UK

Buy a book of tokens, go to the fishing, post the required number of tokens in a box and slide a flap across to show you are there and go fish - simple

The books of tokens cost 25 and contain 10 tokens valued at 2.50 each. At this time most of the Annan tributary fishings cost 2 tokens per day (5) and the longish stretch of the River Milk at Whitehill costs 3 tokens (7.50).

Costs go up later in the season when there are Sea Trout and Salmon in the tributaries, but at all times under the passport scheme ALL species are totally catch and release

For further particulars please contact Fishery Board Office 01576 470600, E-mail tony@annanfisheryboard.co.uk or go direct to Fishannan at Fishpal.com and ignore the impression that a book of tokens lasts for a week. It doesn't it lasts for the whole season so you can use them anytime its legal to fish during the season (not Sundays)

There is no "book in advance" You simply visit the fishings and when you find one you like you find the car park with its tokens box and Occupied sliders and if it's vacant or has spaces you push the slider over, insert your tokens in the box at the car park and fish, remembering to push the occupied slider back when you leave after posting your catch return and comments in the same box.

Here's a small scale map showing the fishing beats on the Ae and Kinnel north of Lochmaben, and larger scales map of the beats. The maps are smaller on the page to save space. If you right click on a map and open it in a new page you should be able to zoom and view it full size (Lots easier on a Mac). OR you can right click and save each one to your hard drive and then print each onto a sheet of A4 paper - ROUGHLY 1:25,000 or 2 1/2 inches to a mile.

The last map is of the Whitehill beat of the Milk south of Lockerbie at Middleshaw, on the Lockerbie to Annan road, just a couple of miles north of Hoddom, or a mile and a half south of Kettleholm if you prefer, anyway turn west at Middleshaw and drive across the white bridge and park to your right where the tokens box is